A note from Bishop Barbara Harris

A note from Bishop Barbara Harris, who was the subject of a long stream of erroneously-directed abuse yesterday on the Web site Stand Firm in Faith:


Was not me! Knew nothing of the demonstration nor have I been in San Francisco for several years now and I know nothing of the dull normal who runs the Stand Firm In Faith (which faith?) website. As a Black person, I am quite accustomed to the fact that to many, if not most, white folk “we all look alike.” That is why so many Black folk sit in jail from “eye witness identification” accounts. I have been identified and addressed as the Rev.Dr. Katie Cannon, the Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglass, the Rev. Sandye Williams and the Rev. Mary Adebonojo, as well as Diane Pollard and Nell B.Gibson. Oh well, fact of life in “America the (racist) Beautiful.”

So while I do have a concern for the Palestinian people, that definetly is not me in the photo. I also have a deep concern about so called orthodox Anglicans, Episcopalians in particular, who feel they have cornered the market on revealed truth and righteousness. It’s a heavy Fred Phelps, Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson-like burden to carry.

Feel free to pass this on to them if you wish. I do not know how to blog on to websites and would not do so to such a freakie one as that.



Greg Griffith, who posted the item, has now apologized.

Updated: This seems appropos. The magic words: “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” come up at 9:34.

This line from The Crucible, seems on point, as well: “I shall not rest til every inch of this province belongs again to God.” Spoken by the hanging judge.

The cached version of this item is all that is now available, and it does not convey some of the nastier insults lobbed at the bishop by a brave anonymous poster named Jeffersonian and by the site’s editor Greg Griffith. But have a look for a brief taste.

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