A Plygain carol

Daily Reading for January 3

Let us awake, awake and give praise

Before daybreak,

To the divine heir of the heavenly land

There is a welcome.

The stars sang from the morning of the world,

All God’s angels together.

All the prophets sang

Without being false;

And why should we not sing as one

For having great Jehofa himself

In the manner of a man, and in our image

To truly heal us.

But despite his poverty on earth

He is still great.

All treasure under his seal

A gift of the most High;

He is the All-rich, famous One,

A strong tower to save humanity

He has every fullness in Himself

For Adam and his seed;

His is life for the dead to live again

He is a joyful physician to the broken heart,

A garment for the naked, complete and just

And justification.

“The Great Clumsy Carol,” a Welsh carol sung in the Plygain (Christmas carol service); quoted in A Celtic Primer: The Complete Celtic Worship Resource and Collection, edited and compiled by Brendan O’Malley. Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of Morehouse Publishing, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. www.morehousepublishing.com

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