A real encounter with Christ

Angus, a commenter, asks whether The Book of Daniel will ever depict “a REAL encounter with Christ, rather than a mere projection.”

I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on what constitutes a real encounter with Christ, and how we would know whether we’ve had one or not.

I am also curious about whether such an encounter with Christ requires external validation. Let’s say Daniel was a real person, and it was he who created this TV show. Let’s say he believed that it captured perfectly his encounters with Christ. How would we go about talking to Daniel about whether these encounters were real?

It would be essential to consult Scripture, but that gets us only so far. Scripture wasn’t intended to provide a specific answer to every difficult moral issue that might arise in our lives. For instance, I can’t imagine a Jesus who would condone selling drugs. But I am a lot less clear on how Jesus would want me to respond if I found out my child was selling drugs.

Let’s say then, that I brought the problem of my child selling drugs to Jesus in prayer. And let’s say I concluded (because I had a feeling, heard a voice, saw a sign, however the communication takes place) that Jesus was “saying” pretty much what he said to Daniel in the first two episodes. How would I know whether I had heard him right? How would I know that it was he who was speaking?

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