A thoughtful response from the Rev. Frank Wade

The Rev. Frank Wade, who co-chaired the committee that handled Windsor-related resolutions at our General Convention had this to say in a presentation at St. Margaret’s Church in D. C. on Sunday:

The desire for purity of thought and clarity of expression are powerful in all of us. We want our faith community and its statements to be strong so that they can support us on our faith journeys, both uphill and down. Those instincts and desires inevitably lead us into smaller and more isolated communities as we achieve such clarity by separating ourselves from conflicting views. Jesus, however, calls us away from the comforts of smallness and out onto the road toward unity through reconciliation. The Gospel calls us away from the purity and clarity of our own thinking so that greater Truth might emerge. The 75th General Convention reluctantly, painfully and haltingly responded to that call.

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