A troubling situation in Nigeria

I have alluded before to a troubling situation in Nigeria where a man named Davis MacIyalla is attempting to establish a chapter of Changing Attitude, an organization in the UK that is not unlike Integrity, the gay and lesbian caucus in the Episcopal Church. I think Americans need to get up to speed on this situation, because if Mr. MacIyalla is telling the truth, and the evidence does seem to be with him, then he is being smeared by the Church of Nigeria, and it would seem that his personal safety is in danger.

The Church Times has written two stories on this issue: 1 and 2.

One peculiar feature of the story is that Canon Akintunde Popoola, the official in the Church of Nigeria making the charges, sometimes discusses them in the comments section of Simon Sarmiento’s invaluable Thinking Anglicans. Here is one example.

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