ABC hires a Secretary for Anglican Communion Affairs

Lambeth Palace announces the appointment of The Rev. Joanna Udal to serve as the Secretary for Anglican Communion Affairs.

From the press release:

Since 2001, Canon Joanna has been serving in the Sudan as Assistant to the Archbishop of the Sudan, an appointment made jointly through the Church Mission Society and Lambeth Palace. In this work she has travelled widely in Sudan and internationally, supporting the Archbishop in his public ministry.

In a period marked by violent conflict in Sudan, peace-building and advocacy have been an important focus of her work. As a member of the church’s Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Commission, she has participated in peace-building workshops in many parts of the country and in 2008 she facilitated a national peace conference bringing together church leaders and community chiefs and representatives from all parts of the Sudan.

In 1997 Udal wrote in The Ecumenical Review,

The task of mediation is to restore peaceful relations so that a new beginning may be achieved. It may thus be viewed as limited to a ministry of witness, though mediation efforts will often represent only one intermediate stage towards reconciliation, which does not yet fully break down the dividing war. Nevertheless, the activity of mediation is in itself a witness to the “that of God in each person”.

The opening was first advertised November 11th, with a closing date for applications of 21/11/08, a 1st interview date of 12/12/08, and a 2nd interview date of 16/12/08.

The position is described here (doc). Main duties and responsibilities are:

1. Ensuring that the Archbishop is suitably advised on his responsibilities towards the Provinces of the Anglican Communion, assisting him with any matters that may arise and co-ordinating support on Anglican Communion affairs from colleagues at Lambeth Palace and others.

2. Overseeing the Archbishop’s visits within the Anglican Communion (beyond the Church of England) … overseeing practical arrangements and facilitating the realisation of objectives for visits and their aftermath.

3. Maintaining a broad overview of Anglican Communion affairs worldwide, including Communion-wide processes (such as the Covenant process) and an appreciation of the particular socio-political context and mission-challenges of individual churches and provinces, even when other colleagues take a lead role in a particular instance.

4. Contributing to the shaping and furthering of the Archbishop’s strategic objectives within the Communion. …

5. Assisting the Archbishop with his responsibilities as host of the Lambeth Conference, convenor of the Primates’ Meeting and President of the Anglican Consultative Council.

6. Working closely with the Secretary-General of the Anglican Communion and with other staff of the Anglican Communion Office, both in furthering the Archbishop’s strategic engagement within the Communion and on day to day concerns regarding the life of the Anglican Communion, notably in planning of meetings of the Primates and the ACC, and the follow-up to the 2008 Lambeth Conference.

7. Developing constructive relationships with key individuals throughout the Anglican Communion …

8. Staffing meetings at Lambeth Palace when the Archbishop sees visitors from the Anglican Communion …

9. In conjunction with colleagues, notably the Anglican Communion Liaison Officer, dealing with correspondence from and about the Anglican Communion…

10. Overseeing the organisation of meetings, events and receptions at Lambeth Palace and elsewhere, often in collaboration with the Anglican Communion Liaison Officer.

11. Preparing liturgical events on behalf of the Archbishop…

12. Advising the Archbishop about the content of his Communion-related sermons, lectures, addresses and pastoral letters, as required.

13. Maintaining close contact with the Church of England Partnership for World Mission Secretary and the PWM Mission agencies… and facilitating the Church of England’s engagement with the wider Anglican Communion.

14. Facilitating collaborative working between colleagues at Lambeth Palace whose portfolios have an international dimension and consequently impinge on the Archbishop’s Anglican Communion activities…..

15. Working collaboratively with the Archbishop’s Secretary for Public Affairs and the Press Secretary and team in relation to all matters relating to the Archbishop’s external profile.

16. Ensuring that an appropriate level of briefing concerning Anglican Communion affairs is offered to the Archbishop’s staff, including his Representatives to the Holy See, and European Union institutions.

17. Attending weekly Principals’ meetings at Lambeth Palace, and with the staff of the Anglican Communion Office as required.

18. Dealing with other matters as may be referred by the Archbishop or Chief of Staff.

The Secretary will work to the Archbishop’s Chief of Staff and will have direct access to the Archbishop.

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