ABC meets with deposed bishop

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams met with deposed bishop of Pittsburgh, Bob Duncan last week. Duncan was in London to meet with disaffected members of the Church of England.

As ENS notes, while addressing the media last week,

Duncan said that the “institutions of the Anglican Communion are in a season of real re-evaluation,” adding that he thinks the Archbishop of Canterbury “has not found it possible, in terms of what he believes the limitation of his office are, to have done the things that actually would have secured the role of his office over the long haul of the 21st century. This is not an office which, in terms of the life of the Anglican Communion for the future, is going to look anything like it did for the previous century.”

Threats, it seems, are rewarded with attention.

Read the ENS report on Lambeth Palace’s confirmation of the meeting between Williams and Duncan.

During his tenure he has met more often with Duncan than any other American bishop with the exception of the Katharine Jefferts Schori. Nor has he ever, to our knowledge, attended a worship service in an Episcopal Church.

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