The title of last Friday’s episode was Acceptance. Danile preached a sermon on the topic which you can find further down the blog uner the creative title “Daniel’s sermon.”

I was wondering what limits there are to acceptance in matters of faith. Sometimes I feel that liberal Christians–an appellation I’d apply to myself–are “accepting” of other faiths or other strains of Christianity to the point of simply practicing what Karen Armstrong has described as “freelance monotheism.”

It is important, of course, to be respectful of other faiths, to be understanding of others faiths. It is essential for Christians to work in interfaith organizations and to defend the religious freedoms of those with whom they disagree.

With all that said, if you don’t really affirm your own identity, you don’t bring much “faith” to the interfaitih table. And if liberal Christians don’t stick up for their beliefs within Christianity–how we read Scripture, how we follow Christ–don’t we run the risk of being crowded off the stage by people who suffer from what I might characterize as excessive certainties?

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