ACNA: some dissent amongst the rank and file

A member of the Reformed Episcopal Church writes Brad B. Root, recently appointed Chief Operating Officer of ACNA.

Hap Arnold writes in response to Root’s email giving advance notice of a mailing “to you and your vestry from Archbishop-Designate Robert Duncan of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)” announcing a $700,000 fund raising campaign:

Dear Brad,

What, pray tell, should we be so thankful for that we should send you $1,000.00? Seven hundred parishes at a thousand a pop – $700,000.00. That is money. You tell us that this is a time that should be “marked by both celebration and gratitude.” For what?

The ACNA picked a guy who could not find his way out of the proverbial ecclesiastical wet paper bag. It apparently took him 40 years to recognize the TEC was headed to hell. In the mean time, he mis-led his flock.

We should be grateful the ACNA has decided to adopt the 1662 English Book of Common Prayer? I do not think so. The Anglican church was founded on a national model. We are Americans. Not North Americans, not English. We will use an American Book of Common Prayer. Perhaps you would like me to send you a copy of the 1928 American Book of Common Prayer?

We should be grateful that in the future your organization will live off the fat of our diocese with a tithe? How do you feel about 10 percent of $30,000.00? That is what you will get from our diocese.

I want an Anglican Church of the United States, not North America. I want a leader, not a follower.

Tell Bob and the boys, “No thank you.”

With all due respect,

Hap Arnold

Mr. Arnold posts his letter at this blog and appends Root’s fund raising letter. Read it all. Hat tip to Thinking Anglicans.

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