Across the street in Watertown MA

The Rev. Amy McCreath, priest of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Watertown MA:

photo58.jpgSee the big yellow banner? That’s our church’s front yard. See the orange barriers? That blocks off the scene of the apprehension of suspect #2 in the Boston Marathon bombing. See the crowd of people dressed in black? Those are FBI crime scene evidence specialists. What a view.

Who would have “thunk it”? Right here in Watertown, right here in our neighborhood, a major crime drama came to a head. I spent most of today inside our church, talking with and praying with residents of Watertown who had “sheltered in place” on Friday — people who had been awakened to gunfire, had police search their backyards, tried to explain the whole thing to their children without scaring the be-jeezus out of them.

Tomorrow we gather for worship. It’s still Easter season. And at CGS Watertown, we’re going to sing “Alleluia’s” till the cows come home, in thanksgiving for the freedom to gather, thanksgiving for all those who exhausted themselves to keep us safe, and thanksgiving for a God who is already bringing healing and restoring hope in our community.

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Photo from Church of the Good Shepherd

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