Advent IV


Arise, O LORD, into your resting-place, *

you and the ark of your strength.

Let your priests be clothed with righteousness; *

let your faithful people sing with joy.

Psalm 132:8-9

“Light can be a mystery. Is the light at the end of a tunnel a sign of hope or a light from an oncoming train? For me, the light I have seen in and around church spaces has always been a source of comfort and hope: whether it was a light from a small votive candle, the reflection of color as the sunlight shines through a stained glass window, or the welcoming light on a winter’s evening.” ~ Pat Smith

On View: Light Through Glass, Photography by Pat Smith. October 2008.

About the Artist: Pat Smith is a resident of the Diocese of California and a founding member of the ECVA San Francisco Chapter. She is an Exhibiting Member of The Artist Registry. She writes, “Photography has been a lifelong hobby including 35 mm and digital.”

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