Albany parishes seek DEPO

Three parishes in the Diocese of Albany has begun the process to seek “delegated Episcopal oversight” (DEPO). In a twist, these are parishes looking for a less conservative bishop than Bishop Love of the Diocese of Albany. Originally DEPO was created as a way to allow conservative congregations to find more like minded bishops if they found their local bishop objectionable.

From a report in the Times Union:

“The parishes would remain within the jurisdiction of the Albany diocese, but pastoral care of the Albany parishes could possibly be delegated to the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York, which is based in Syracuse.

[..]The parishes of St. Andrew’s in Albany, St. George’s in Schenectady and St. Luke’s in Saranac Lake have been identified as participating in the discussions.

St. Luke’s pastor the Rev. Ann S. Gaillard described the matter as an “internal political issue” and declined to discuss it any further.

St. Andrew’s has scheduled a forum on DEPO at 11:15 a.m., Sunday, for its parishioners. The parish pastor, the Rev. Mary Robinson White, was not available to discuss the situation.

Bishop Gladstone B. Adams III of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York participated in the December meeting Love held with clergy from different parishes about DEPO.

Adams said he is cooperating with Love.”

There were discussions in the Diocese of South Carolina about more mainstream Episcopal congregations doing something similar with Bishop Dorsey Henderson offering to step into that role at the time. Does anyone know if anything came of that, or if such arrangements are still in effect?

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