Alternative to the typical Advent Calendar

Photo: Hilary Streever

It may be too late, but if you haven’t bought an Advent Calendar already, why not make one?

Buzzfeed has an article showcasing 33 Advent Calendars they found on Pinterest; calendars include matchboxes filled with treats, watercolor paint swatches, potted plants, and many more, all visible in a post titled “33 Clever and Adorable DIY Advent Calendars“.

One priest (full disclosure: reader, I married her) came up with her own idea; using inexpensive bottles purchased at a local crafts store, she made labels for the days of Advent, selecting a pink bottle for the 13th (Gaudete Sunday) and blue bottles for the other Sundays.


Each day, she places a bit of holly in a bottle, leftover from making wreaths; when Christmas Eve arrives, you’ll have a mantle full of greenery in festive bottles.


Do you make your Advent Calendars at home? Share your photos, ideas, and inspirations with us in the comments!


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