Amazing Race ends for Kate and Pat


“I admit I was out of shape,” says Hendrickson, who’s lost 40 pounds since filming. “I could do much better now.”

During the race’s first Detour challenge, Lewis and Hendrickson opted to search through a parking garage full of bikes. Looking back, Lewis and Hendrickson wished they would’ve chosen to hoist furniture up the side of the building.

“We definitely could’ve done that,” says Lewis. “I’ve done macrame, too.”

Lewis, 49, and Hendrickson, 65, from Thousand Oaks, Calif., tied the knot three years ago. The “married ministers” team are the oldest duo featured in the 12th edition of the Emmy-winning competitive reality series, and the show’s first lesbian couple.

The pair asked permission from their church to participate in the around-the-world race.

“We’ve been supported 100 percent by our bishop,” says Lewis. “We did have to ask permission to do this because we are under vows to our bishop. He didn’t even think twice. He was 100 percent supportive.”

It’s all here.

Here’s BuddyTV’s exclusive interview with the couple who are both Episcopal ministers.

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