American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan

Introducing American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (AFRECS). It’s been around since 2005.

AFRECS’s goals are to:

* Encourage American dioceses, parishes, and the Executive Council, as well as Sudanese living in the U.S., to become involved in Sudan by promoting awareness of ECS needs and priorities

* Help U.S. dioceses and parishes share experiences and information about Sudan through conferences, a newsletter, referrals, and a web site

* Amplify the voice of Sudanese Christians by adding our united voices to theirs in prayer, worship, and witness

* Help promote successful resettlement of Sudanese by linking diverse efforts to resettle, recognize, and empower Sudanese in the U.S.

* Communicate regularly with friends of the ECS in other provinces of the Anglican Communion

Information on recent missions can be found here.

The priorities of the Province of Sudan, in its own words, can be found here.

The quarterly magazine Sudan Connections can be found here.

Check out the Winter 2009 issue (21 pages, PDF), especially on the donors conference held in October (pp. 8-9), to get an idea of who is on AFRECS’s radar. If you, your parish, or your diocese has a Sudan connection, you are encouraged to let AFRECS know. Contact information here. Membership information here.

The Episcopal Café would love to hear from you about your overseas partnerships, too. Drop us a line at Cafe Editor.

If you missed it, you may want to read yesterday’s post on the very recent attacks in Ezo, Sudan.


Thirteen villagers were killed in Western Equatoria State by guerrillas of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), the chairman of the Western Equatoria Azande Community World-Wide Organisation has recounted to Sudan Tribune, while three LRA rebels were killed by SPLA-backed local self-defence groups.

They attacked the village, “rampaging and looting everything in their paths and hacking and shooting 12 people to death” said Charles B. Kisanga, the chairman of the international Azande group.

See this ENS report for background on the LRA inflicted violence in the Diocese of Ezo and other dioceses in Southern Sudan.

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