An Episcopal ordinariate for disaffected Catholics?

The esteemed Mark Silk, professor of religion in public life at Trinity College (CT) surveys the recent unpleasantness between Episcopal Bishop Marc Andrus and Roman Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and asks a question worth pondering:

[W]ith Catholic bishops on the warpath against SSM [same-sex marriage] and the ECUSA [The Episcopal Church] officially endorsing it, I’d say it’s time for Andrus and company to man up and announce the establishment of an ordinariate for U.S. Catholics who want to become Episcopalians. Last January, you’ll recall, the pope announced a U.S. ordinariate for Episcopalians who want to become Catholics but would like to retain some of their own liturgical and other traditions.

If what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, the new Episcopalians would be able to retain some of their Roman traditions. Of course, the pope thing would have to go. On the other hand, priests and bishops would now have the opportunity to marry, including (in some jurisdictions) members of the same sex.

The pope’s ordinariate is headquartered in Houston. Where better to locate the Episcopalians’ than in San Francisco?

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