An open letter on alternative primatial oversight

Drop in here to read an open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury critiquing recent requests for alternative primatial oversight by seven or eight dioceses in the Episcopal Church.

The letter, which was mailed to Archbishop Rowan Williams some two weeks ago, is from the Consultation Steering Committee, a network that includes representatives from Integrity, the Episcopal Urban Caucus, the Episcopal Peace Fellowship, the Episcopal Women’s Caucus, the Union of Black Episcopalians and the Episcopal Church Publishing Company, among others.

It was erroneously reported on the House of Bishops and Deputies email list, and on several conservative blogs that the letter was “from” the Diocese of Washington. That isn’t the case. We are hosting it on our Web server because our bishop believes it is a worthwhile contribution to the debate about the future of our Communion, but we had no role in producing the letter, and haven’t taken an official position on its contents.

Give it a read and tell me what you make of it.

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