And from TED, some other words on global compassion

Last May, we reported on Karen Armstrong’s winning wish for a Charter for Compassion. TED — Technology, Entertainment, Design conference — now has the project under way, and reports that it is seeking translators to help get the word about this shared ideal. They have created a video, directed by the same fellow who created “Yes We Can,” the short film that put music to Obama’s stump speech.

Whatever else we believe in, most of us believe in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize, she wished for the Charter for Compassion, a document that affirms this core belief. The Charter will prove that most people around the world — no matter our religion — share this ideal.

To help start the project, we’ve created a beautiful short video about the Charter. Listen for powerful stories of one-on-one compassion, and reaffirm your own belief in the power of voices united to share the Golden Rule.

Originally, the team behind the charter project and some volunteers translated the film Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. Since making a call for translations, they have expanded that list to include Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish and Turkish. And they hope to find more languages to tell the story.

Information and the video are here.

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