Anglican Church of Canada awarded $20,000 in legal costs

The Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) has paid the Anglican diocese of Niagara $20,000, which it was awarded for legal costs by an Ontario Superior Court ruling according to the Anglican Journal.

In May 2008, Judge Jane Milanetti ruled that the diocese of Niagara should be allowed to share the church buildings – St. George in Lowville, St. Hilda in Oakville and Good Shepherd in St. Catharines, all in southern Ontario – until the legal question of who owns the church properties is resolved. The judgment also said that the three churches must pay the diocese’s court costs.

ANiC filed a leave to appeal application but it was denied and the $20,000 award to the diocese for legal costs pertained to that appeal application, said ANiC chancellor Cheryl Chang. She said the Jan. 14 written judgment did not give reasons for the amount awarded but noted that the diocese had asked for a larger amount.

ANiC is composed of churches that have decided to leave the Canadian Anglican church over theological differences including attitudes toward homosexuality.

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