Anglican Nigerians reminded no one can serve two masters

Kendall Harmon brings to our attention this report appearing in the Lagos Vanguard

THE Diocese of Egbu, Anglican Communion, has warned its members to distance themselves from secret societies and cults or risk being slammed with commensurate disciplinary measures lined up by the diocese for its erring members.

The Bishop, Professor Emmanuel Iheagwam, read the riot act while presenting his presidential address during the 10th Annual Men’s Conference at Saint John’s Anglican Church, Naze.

While recalling the Biblical injunction that “no one can serve two masters” at the same time, the Anglican cleric lamented that there are a lot of people who profess to be Christians but at the same time belong to secret societies and cults.” Are there not people who profess to be Christians and at the same time belong to secret societies or cults?

Read it here.

Questions have been raised before about the accuracy of the membership numbers of the Anglican Church of Nigeria. How many of members the church claims are members are “erring members”? How many have little tie to the church? How many are counted by as members of other Christian denominations as well.

The Anglican Church in Nigeria has far fewer bishops per member than Anglican provinces in the west. That is, except for its extra-provincial province in North America where the opposite is true.

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