Anglican silence equals African deaths

This Reuters article spells out why it is so important to defeat the proposed Nigerian legislation that we’ve been discussiong on this blog for more than a year now. And why it is so maddening that Rowan Williams, Martyn Minns, et. al. have been silent in order to avoid offending Peter Akinola.

Two excerpts:

“But nearly a quarter of a century into the epidemic, there is a wall of silence that surrounds AIDS and same-sex practices that may prove to be a significant obstacle to conquering the disease,” according to the 124-page report by New York based- non-governmental organization.


“Homophobic stigma, the denial of homosexuality, and legislation that criminalizes same-sex behavior, all serve to push the issue of same-sex HIV transmission further underground, and drastically limit HIV services,” (Cary Alan) Johnson (the author of the report) said.

(Hat tip: Matthew Hunt.)

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