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Anglicans Online celebrate 20th anniversary

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Anglicans Online is celebrating their 20th anniversary, having been envisioned the day after Christmas in 1994 by Todd Maffin.

Maffin, then 24, was inspired to create the site when he couldn’t find any web pages for Anglican youth, and only four pages on Anglicanism in total.

A few days later, Maffin launched the first version of Anglicans Online.

The Internet Archive doesn’t have any earlier versions, but we can see the site in 1999:

A screenshot of a website from 1999 for comparative  purposes


Anglicans Online broke news in the Anglican Communion before anyone else was, and has lasted throughout the years as Churches, Dioceses, Priests, and others have also started covering developments.

To celebrate their anniversary, they’ve compiled a list of some of their most popular stories, and are asking readers to share some of their own, on the homepage today.


Posted by David Streever

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