Anis on yesterday’s clashes in Egypt

Thanks to USPG for the following (link). Can you see a glimmer of a suggestion that the bishop places the blame for violence at the foot of Mubarak and his supporters?


Bishop calls on people of Egypt to be patient for democracy

Bishop Mouneer Anis has called on the people of Egypt to ‘give time’ for the country’s leaders to restore calm and establish ‘security, justice and democracy’.

The Bishop of Egypt made his plea as the world watches news coverage of pro- and anti-government demonstrators clashing in Cairo, with resulting fatalities and injuries.

In a statement today, Bishop Mouneer said: ‘I am sorry to tell you that things did not go well yesterday evening. The morning gave us hope as demonstrators started to leave Tahrir Square [in Cairo].

‘However, in the evening things changed 180 degrees when the crowds who support President Mubarak arrived in Tahrir Square and both the supporters and demonstrators clashed with each other.

‘Fires due to Molotov cocktails and stones were used in these clashes. Three people were killed and over 600 people were injured.

‘Today the government started dialogue with the opposition and we hope and pray that things will calm down.

‘We meet every day to pray for the situation’

‘I called upon the people of Egypt to give time for the new government to achieve the needed security, justice and democracy. We meet every day at the cathedral to pray for the situation. We thank God because all our churches and institutions are safe.

‘We, with many other Egyptians, are very sad because of the violence and destruction within our beloved country.

‘Egypt is known in the region as “the mother of the world.” Now, the mother is wounded by its own children, which is harder than wounds of outside wars.

‘Please pray so that God may give wisdom to all those who are in authority to put an end to this unacceptable violence. Pray for the demonstrators in order that they may go back to their homes and wait for the new government to act. Pray for the medical teams who are dealing with the wounded.

‘Pray especially tomorrow, as people tend to gather and demonstrate on Fridays. Pray for God’s protection for all the people of Egypt. We have hope in God who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.’

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