Anna Quindlen writes a Thanksgiving story on Holy Apostles, Manhattan

Holy Apostles Episcopal Church in Manhattan “has fed the hungry for 25 years now without missing a single weekday, including the morning after the fire, when the church lay in ruins, still smoldering, and 943 meals were served by candlelight.” So writes Anna Quindlen in Newsweek.

She concludes:

If elected officials want to bring God talk into public life, let it be the bedrock stuff, about charity and mercy and the least of our brethren. Instead of the performance art of the presidential debate, the candidates should come to Holy Apostles and do what good people, people of faith, do there every day—feed the hungry, comfort the weary, soothe the afflicted. And wipe down the tables after each seating.

Read it all here.

An earlier post on the Soup Kitchen at Holy Apostles that was based on a Living Church article contained significant factual errors. Please the corrected version the post here.

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