Another big day ahead at General Convention

The House of Deputies will discuss legislation on the Anglican Covenant today, possibly quite soon. There is deep dissatisfaction with what some consider the wishy-washy nature of the legislation, but it is unclear how broad it is, or whether, with so much on the agenda, there is energy to do much about it.

The bishops will be discussing a resolution on dissolving a relationship between a bishop and a diocese at some point today, possibly within the next few hours.

The deputies will elect Bonnie Anderson’s successor as president of their house at 12:30.

A joint session will receive the budget from the Program Budget and Finance Committee this afternoon at about 2:30.

The Deputies will elect some of the members of Executive Council at 3:45 p. m.

The Deputies will take up same-sex blessing legislation passed yesterday by the bishops at about 5 pm.

We will be live tweeting much of the activity from the House of Deputies from @episcopalcafe, and much of the activity from the House of Bishops from @Canticlecom

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