Archbishop Welby: schism would be a failure, not a disaster

Photo of Archbishop Welby asking for prayers from Primates 2016 site 

As the meeting of Primates in Canterbury begins today,  Justin Welby, Archbishop, has said that a schism would be a failure but not a disaster, noting that the point of reconciliation is not agreement, but agreeing to get along despite serious disagreement.

The BBC has analysis by their religion correspondent, Caroline Wyatt, of the statement by Archbishop Welby.

From the article:

“It would not be good if the Church is unable to set an example to the world of showing how we can love one another and disagree profoundly, because we are brought together by Jesus Christ, not by our own choice.”

He continued: “Certainly I want reconciliation, but reconciliation doesn’t always mean agreement – in fact, it very seldom does. It means finding ways to disagree well and that’s what we’ve got to do this week.

For analysis and more quotes, read the full story on the BBC site.


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