Archbishop debates religion in bar

Lisa Jones, writes in the South Wales Echo, that

the Archbishop of Wales met drinkers in a city centre bar for a debate on the pros and cons of religion.

Dr Barry Morgan led the debate, Is Religion Bad? at Dempsey’s Bar, Castle Street, Cardiff, last night at Solace, the church in a bar.

Foregoing high church dress, Dr Morgan conducted the Kilroy-style debate in front of around 50 people, wearing his dog collar and a sports jacket. A mixture of believers, atheists and drinkers from the bar downstairs combined to create a lively debate.

Dr Morgan said: “The questions were quite hard-hitting. There was no clunkiness there.

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This is becoming a popular idea around the world. Cafe churches and pub churches as well as discussion groups held in public spaces reach out to those who might want to know more about Christianity. Have you tried it?

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