Archbishop of York speaks


The Archbishop of York speaks out on the treatment of asylum speakers and the Ugandan anti-gay bill.

Sentamu criticises treatment of asylum seekers and Ugandan anti-gay bill

In Ekklesia (UK)

The Anglican Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has criticised both inhuman UK policy on asylum seekers and the anti-homosexuality bill currently going through the Ugandan parliament.

In an article in today’s Times newspaper, Dr Sentamu accuses the British Government of exploiting the weak by making it more difficult for asylum seekers to make legitimate claims to stay in the country.

He also warns that cuts in financial support will leave many people who have fled from mistreatment destitute this Christmas and he condemns the reduction in benefits to £5 a day for single asylum seekers.

The archbishop said that this “meagre” sum was the same amount he received when he arrived in Britain in 1974 after fleeing from Idi Amin’s Uganda.

In a busy media day, Dr Sentamu also appeared on the flagship BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning to make clear his concern about the private members bill currently going through the Ugandan parliament, which would further criminalise homosexuality and bring in the death penalty for gay people with HIV.

HERE is his radio interview – he appears at the 833 mark. Addendum. A transcript is available at Changing Attitude.

HERE‘s his entire essay on asylum seekers in Britain, published in the London Times.

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