Archbishop Orombi believes gay people are out to kill him

New Vision Online has the story:

Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi yesterday said he fears for his life because of the campaign he has waged against homosexuals.

“Nowadays, I don’t wear my collar when I am in countries which have supporters of homosexuals,” he said while addressing Christians at Kitunga archdeaconry, West Ankole diocese in Ntungamo district.

“I am forced to dress like a civilian because those people are dangerous. They can harm anybody who is against them. Some of them are killers. They want to close the mouth of anybody who is against them.”

One might have supposed that Henry Orombi could have walked down any street in America wearing a t-shirt that said, “Hey, I’m Henry Orombi” and people still wouldn’t have recognized him. But perhaps not. Nonetheless he seems to have a very peculiar sort of person on his tail–someone who can distinguish him for the legions of clergymen of African ancestry who travel Western countries every day while he is wearing his collar, but who loses the scent entirely when he spiffs up in khakis and a cardigan.

The story doesn’t mention threats against Orombi,and certainly not threats coming from all “countries which have supporters of homosexuals.” Perhaps the archbishop can provide more specfic information. Or perhaps he has just confirmed all of the worst suspicions of his detractors. Whatever the case, the instances of violence against gays and lesbians are likely to remain more numerous than the instances of violence by gays and lesbians against Anglican archbishops.

Hat tip: Thinking Anglicans.

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