Archbishop Sentamu warns Anglican conservatives

Anglican conservatives have been put on notice by the Archbishop of York:

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph, Dr John Sentamu pleaded with them to attend the [Lambeth] conference despite their war with liberals over homosexuality.

Sentamu.jpgBut he told them that if they “voted with their feet” they risked severing their links with the Archbishop of Canterbury and with historic Anglicanism, a breach that could take centuries to heal.

“Anglicanism has its roots through Canterbury,” he said. “If you sever that link you are severing yourself from the Communion. There is no doubt about it.”

Read it all of Jonathan Petre’s report here.

See also Jim Naughton’s essay today on last week’s statement by the Global South Steering Committee. Archbishop Orombi of Uganda, who attended the committee’s meeting recently wrote

The younger churches of Anglican Christianity will shape what it means to be Anglican. The long season of British hegemony is over.

Like Orombi, Sentamu is Ugandan. A former judge there, he fled the country during the regime of Idi Amin.

UPDATE. The Church Society (UK) has picked up on another portion of Petre’s article:

The Telegraph reports:

“Dr Sentamu, a close ally of Dr Williams, said that as long as Anglican bishops did not deny the basic Christian doctrines they should all be able to remain within the same Church.

While liberal north Americans disagreed with conservatives over sexual ethics, these were not core issues, he said.”

We have been unable to confirm that this accurately reports John Sentamu but if it does then it is very serious. Previously he appeared to have taken the view that sexual immorality is important and that the actions of the revisionists and sodomites in North America is a problem.

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