Archbishop Venables interviewed

Archbishop Gregory Venables responded to questions while in Canada. He was there visiting Anglicans who insist that they have broken away from the Anglican Church in Canada and become associated with the Province of the Southern Cone where Venables is the primate.

In the interview Venables discusses the situation in the Anglican Communion, how the Church should respond to gay and lesbian christians, and his opposition to “post-modern” interpretations of the Bible.

From the article:

“‘I tell people in Canada not to get filled up with bitterness about the homosexual issue, to just try to allow Christ’s love and generosity to come through,’ says Gregory Venables, who was elected primate (senior archbishop) of the Southern Cone in 2001.

‘There’s all this silly acrimony. It’s like a ping-pong game. But instead of throwing sweets around, we’re throwing hand grenades,’ Venables said in an interview Thursday in a large home in the Oakridge neighbourhood of Vancouver, where a local Anglican has provided the prelate and his wife a place to sleep.

Even though the British-born leader of roughly 30,000 Anglicans in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay is firmly opposed to homosexual relationships, as well as to ‘post-modern’ interpretations of the Bible, he still insists liberal and conservative Anglicans in North America shouldn’t be so nasty to each other.

At the same time, Venables said he felt free to ignore a high-level plea to stay out of Canada made this week by the spiritual leader of the country’s roughly 700,000 Anglicans, Primate Fred Hiltz, because he believes jurisdictional disputes are secondary to doctrinal issues.”

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