Art Makers are _____(Choose one or more)


Art is a powerful force. It contributes to the formation of our attitudes, our beliefs and even our behaviors. It is the subject of study in history and sociology, and more recently, in the church.

An examination of how art exists in cross-cultural contexts reveals a list of roles that art and artists play. This list includes:

– ascribers of meaning;

– ascribers of status;

– catalysts of social change;

– enhancers and decorators;

– interpreters;

– magicians;

– mythmakers;

– propagandists;

– recorders of history;

– sociotherapists;

– storytellers; and

– teachers.

(from Celebrating Pluralism – Art, Education and Cultural Diversity, F. Graeme Chalmers, 1996, The J. Paul Getty Trust.

In addition to the qualities of art and artists listed above, I would add the following:

– prophets;

– keepers of conscience;

– visionaries;

– recorders of humanity.

On View: Elijah in the Chariot of Fire, Contemporary Byzantine Icon by Betsy Porter. Photograph by Richard Anderson. More information is available at the artist’s website,

As Seen At: Gallery 1055 in the Diocese of California, 1055 Taylor Street, San Francisco. Through mid-April.

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