Assessing the damage to the National Cathedral

The Atlantic Wire has updated photos of the damage to the National Cathedral, also, check out the exclusive video of Head Mason Joe Alonso inspecting the damage, and the National Cathedral’s website has updates as well.

What Really Happened to the National Cathedral in the Quake

In The Atlantic Wire

Not all of the buildings in D.C. got away unscathed following the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked the east coast Tuesday afternoon. Conflicting reports emerged over whether the Washington Monument was leaning, or not, or if it was leaning to the left, or to the right. In our original earthquake post, we linked to a photo that showed a missing spire from the National Cathedral in Washington. The original reports of the damage were fairly dismissive.

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The extent of the damage to the spires is worse than first reported

Cathedral Shaken by Earthquake

From the National Cathedral’s website

Closed Wednesday, August 24th to Visitors

Tuesday afternoon at 1:51 p.m. (EST), a massive 5.8 magnitude earthquake rattled national landmarks in our capital. The historic Washington National Cathedral sustained substantial damage in this quake. Experts are tirelessly working to assess the building damage—both structurally and aesthetically.

Since 1912, the Cathedral has been a national place of worship as well as host to state funerals, presidential memorial services, and served as a spiritual home for our country in times of crisis.

Click the links below to view videos taken after the earthquake

Video of Head Mason at the National Cathedral assessing the damage, courtesy of The Atlantic:

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