Assorted links

1. Who said it yesterday? “The South to South Encounter of non-Western churches in Singapore … proved to be what every other Anglican gathering has been in the past decade: in addition to faithful witness and counsel, also a time for political maneuver, secretive changing of agendas at the last moment, North Americans coming in and grabbing the microphones and running meetings, disagreements over this and that strategy and doctrine.”

2. Martin Gardner, prolific mathematics columnist and puzzlemaster for Scientific American died on Saturday at the age of 95. A tribute in the form of a puzzle.

3. Top 20 twittering bishops and clergy in the CofE as brought to by Church Mouse. Can you still say “you twit!” in General Synod and not be misunderstood?

4. British sit-com On the Buses didn’t get into deep theological debates. Today’s UK’s buses do.

5. Polari. British gay men developed the eclectic, secretive slang at a time when society stigmatised them. Bonus: The Polari Bible.

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