Assorted links, Ethics edition

Teachers cheating, abortion used as sex selection, team performance improves linearly with the number of women, what morals are hard?, what do Cafe readers think about the receiving a man as priest if he has a sex abuse past?

1. Investigation into Atlanta Public Schools cheating finds unethical behavior across every level. By teachers and administrators, not students. Students in need of remediation assistance were harmed.

2. Where Have All the Girls Gone? It’s true: Western good intentions really did help fuel the explosion of sex selection in Asia. Choice can be abused.

3. What Makes a Team Smarter? More Women. Shall we hire women for teams or teaching men the skills women bring? (Interesting throughout on the performance of teams.)

4. Which morals come naturally, and which take effort, and are therefore learned?

5. Episcopal Cafe readers comment on Bishop Edwards’ report on the history of how a man with a sex abuse past was received as priest.

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