Australians “receive” rather than “welcome’ Covenant

Mark Brolly, writing for Anglican Media Melbourne tells us:

Australian Anglicans have committed themselves to three years of debate before a decision is taken on whether to embrace an international covenant designed to preserve the unity of their church.

The General Synod, meeting at Melbourne Grammar School, adopted a resolution asking the synods of all 23 Australian dioceses to consider whether the Anglican Church of Australia should adopt the Anglican Communion Covenant and to report to the Standing Committee of the General Synod by December 2012. The resolution asked the Standing Committee to report to the next meeting of the Church’s national parliament in 2013.


The Synod adopted an amendment, proposed by Fr John Davis of Melbourne, that it “receives” rather than “welcomes” the final text of the Covenant “as an expression of our aspirations for the life of the Anglican Communion”.

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