Author: Dani Gabriel

That day my prayer was answered

I think a lot about my friend in the camp and how he appreciated the sandwich but really wanted the prayer. I want to build a ministry that brings both, that meets folks in the middle of their struggles and offers both practical resources and spiritual resources. I think the church has a lot to offer on both fronts. I hope to be brave in trying new things, and in being open to that Spirit I had thought for a moment had abandoned me. Meeting the needs of my friends on the streets is where I’m most likely to run into Jesus, with his crazy requests for prayer on the side of the road.

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A Poem for this Advent

these weeks before christmas 
we say we are waiting 
for the light 
to be born into the world,
for the first cry,
the infant sigh.
but mornings like this I think 
the light is already here.
we are waiting til we’re ready 
to open our eyes.

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Young Episcopal Deacons

“The task force was launched 4 years ago. We began surveying deacons under 50 realizing there were fewer deacons in this age group than those [over] 90, which is very problematic for the church. We developed a website and facebook group. We also had some members who did a road trip last year to Episcopal Service Corps sites to tell them about the diaconate. This year we began to focus on resources people can use to help recruit young deacons such as a brochure and a powerpoint presentation. We are encouraging deacons to take this to ministries that have young adults in them in their diocese.”

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Pandemic Ministry: Between the Church and the World

“The grace of the folks in the homeless camps we delivered food to reminded me again and again why I do ministry. One day I showed up with bags of sandwiches and a woman who lives in one camp greeted me with laughter. It was strange, something I hadn’t heard in a long time, and I smiled. The people of my parishes who cared so deeply about each other and the world dared me to hope. The way they talked to each other, with genuine concern, every time we met by Zoom. The way they organized to support our homeless neighbors, gathering resources and sharing their time. So I did hope, a little. And then a little more. Finally I was able to pray. And then to listen to the Word. And so I continue in this work, but with a focus on each person I encounter and the blessing they offer, and with a little more patience for myself.”

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This week, Dani interviews Deacon Josephine Borgeson, who’s been serving in her vocation for over 45 years

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Diakonia: Chaplain Hal

We are continuing our series on the wide diversity if ministries encompassed by the diaconate. In this installment, Dani interviews Deacon Hal Hurley, seafarers chaplain and so much more.

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