Author: Leslie Scoopmire

Cleansing the Temple

Some dismiss these young people for their youth, much as Jesus was as well. Yet they are the same age as many of the leaders of the American Revolution were, the same age as the Marquis de Lafayette and James Monroe were in 1776.

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Taking Up the Mantle

Times like these call for someone who can speak God’s truth into the world, even if that truth may seem to be the last thing the world wants to hear.

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God calling

God is calling all of us as God’s beloved children to bear witness to God’s beauty out into a world that desperately needs it. Do we dare answer, “Here am I, LORD, Your servant is listening?”

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Blessing and Expectation

We are waiting, yet at the same time we are called to action. The season of Advent settles over us as the most beautiful of benedictions, by calling us to see ourselves through the loving eyes of God, and drawing us to embrace the vocation of living into that dream God has for each of us.

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Talents and Grace

As disciples, we have been given a glimpse into the dream God has for us as human beings, born to seek relationship with each other and with God. The question is, what do we do with that vision? Do we continue about our business, thinking that how we live our lives doesn’t matter as long as we claim to believe in Jesus? Or do we acknowledge the grace that is God’s gift of love to us, that can’t be bought or earned.

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Numbering our days

even as we traverse adversity and are shaped and molded by the trials and careless wounds that sometimes get inflicted upon us, the refuge of God’s love and care is always available to us—as close and as precious as a breath.

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Embodying Peace

Even as we are plunged into a time of overwhelming sorrow, there is power in knowing that together we grieve, but then we can choose to honor those who have lost their lives by this time not turning back to our own concerns.

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Flourishing Anyway

Scripture truly is like living water: just as you can’t step into the same river twice, scripture also rolls through our lives and refreshes it in unexpected ways.

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