Author: Rosalind Hughes


Recognition Resurrection plus ten: is the shock wearing off or setting in? That time when the child was lost three days, three hours, three minutes

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Do not rush to Easter

(An invitation to the observance of Holy Week) Do not rush to Easter You may stumble over someone slowly carrying their cross, might miss the

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The grammar of prayer

Resurrection is coming. It is important and sometimes difficult to hold on to that hope; yet resurrection that glosses over the reality of death, the finitude of death, that last piece of the solidarity of the Incarnation reins in the hope that might otherwise extend even to the rubble of a hospital, or the shores of a storm-churned beach, or the shut-off third rail of a subway system.

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How to pray for peace from a world in pieces

… let peace take root like the thistle
between the cracks in the sidewalk flags,
tenacious, impossible, lean, and fierce;
its bruised stalk you will not break,
nor extinguish the smoldering wick
of our sputtering prayers for peace
candles flickering in a hurricane.

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A Song of Anna

Simeon’s song, the Nunc Dimittis, crops up regularly in our liturgies, especially during Evening Prayer. I wonder what it would sound like, what it would feel like, if we had Anna’s song, too, to sing as our prayers rise like incense at the end of the day.

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The longest night

… the twilight womb before the birth
of the Christ, all part
and particular to his Incarnation,
this nurturing dark that precedes
the light of the first new day.

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Advent – a second coming

There is no cloud of glory can define, no gates of heaven can confine; there is no dogma, doggerel, or doctrine can describe, no earnest imitation reinscribe him.

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Stewardship season …

We are stewards of more than our own welfare. From the beginning, our call is not to selfishness but to abundance; not to exploitation but to awe at the providence of our Creator.

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