Author: C. Robin Janning

A Wonderful Gift

Not just a definite sign of spring but a wonderful gift at this Easter season. Wearing the color of a brilliant golden sun and always

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One Day Of A Life

Maybe any one day of a life, even the most humdrum, has in it something of the mystery of that life as a whole. (Read

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She Said “Yes”

She knelt beside the neatly planted rows of cumin, dill, and mint. The clear March sky was bright; a flock of birds flew high. She

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Through One Window

  While sitting in the doctor’s office, I was intrigued by the sky as seen through a rectangular window. The clouds were skittering by, yet

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Beauty At Hand

Seen above, left (and on front-page mastheads): Grandmother’s Spoon; middle: The Fork That Will Not Stab; and right: Knife for P, from the Artifacts II

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HAPPY IS THE ONE WHO walks otherwise Than in the manner of the heedless Who stands otherwise Than in the way of the twisted Who

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Image above and on front-page mastheads: Christmas Morning by Virginia Wieringa.

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