Author: Sarah Brock

You Are Loved

…it’s one thing to know intellectually and to speak God’s love for us. Yet, it’s entirely different and far more difficult to feel deep in our souls the completely unconditional love of God.

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Unexpected Answers

If it were not for the nuanced and courageous reproach of his own servants, Naaman may have continued to suffer from his condition to the end of his life.

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Perhaps it’s in practicing faith and opening our hearts to each other’s authority that we too will find ourselves in the company of angels.

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Waiting on the Kingdom

Like Joseph, we can also find ways to wait actively, expectantly, and boldly. We can make preparation, creating space in the world and in our own hearts for the Kingdom of God.

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Talking the Walk

How often do you talk to people- friends, neighbors, your communities, strangers- about your faith? When was the last time you told someone the story of your faith?

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Birthing Justice

Instead of seeking justice in the world around her, Mary proclaims this beautiful song of God’s justice within her.

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Singing Faith

Singing together is a primary act of worship and most of us have a handful of favorite hymns. But, how often do you really pay attention to what it is you’re singing about?

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Roots and Shoots

It’s with my lack of gardening skills in mind that I struggle every time this parable of the sower invites me to reflect on what type of soil I might be. I can’t manage to keep weeds alive, how could I possibly ever be the right kind of soil for these seeds? But, this may not be the only way to hear this parable.

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