Barack Obama is a Christian. Now please behave.

The Café doesn’t endorse candidates, and we haven’t had much to say about the presidential election thus far. But as Episcopalians we know how painful it is to be told we aren’t real Christians. In our case, it is because we don’t exclude the proper people. In Barack Obama’s case the reason seems to be mere political expediency. In both cases the charges are not simply erroneous, they are sinful, in the first instance because they make an idol of one faction’s limited understanding of Divine revelation, and in the second because they attempt to tap anti-Islamic sentiment for political gain and personal aggrandizement.

When the “Obama is a Muslim” campaign has played out, don’t be surprised if conservative Christians step up their efforts to brand the United Church of Christ a heterodox denomination. If that happens, let’s hope that Senator John McCain will be more forthright than Senator Hillary Clinton has been in accepting that Senator Obama believes what he says he believes.

For some solid factual background, see this FAQ about Obama’s faith from Beliefnet.

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