Barbara Andrews, bishop-elect in Canada

The Anglican Churches of the Central Interior announces that after two ballots the delegates of the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior elected The Rev. Barbara Andrews as the Nomination for Bishop Suffragan to the Metropolitan with responsibilities for the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior. The Rev. Andrews name will be forwarded to the Provincial Electoral College on March 27, 2009 where they will elect the Suffragan for the Interior.


The bishop elect has been serving as the executive director of the Sorrento Centre in

British Columbia, Canada. Andrews is the sixth woman to be elected bishop in Canada.

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According to Chris Ambidge, member of the Anglican Church of Canada, The Central Interior of BC is the only part of Canada that is not in a diocese. It was formerly the Diocese of Cariboo, with a see city Prince George. However, Cariboo was legally dissolved several years ago, after it went bankrupt from aboriginal-schools legal claims. The parish churches didn’t go away, of course; the churches in that area are now collectively “The Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior” and a part of Province of British Columbia and Yukon.

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