Baring all the Godhead

Daily Reading for August 7 • John Mason Neale, 1866

Amongst His Twelve Apostles

Christ spake the Words of Life,

And shew’d a realm of beauty

Beyond a world of strife:

‘When all My Father’s glory

Shall shine express’d in Me,

Then praise Him, then exalt Him,

For magnified is He!’

Upon the Mount of Tabor

The promise was made good;

When, baring all the Godhead,

In light itself He stood:

and they, in awe beholding,

The Apostolic Three,

Sang out to God their Saviour,

For magnified was He!

From “Transfiguration” by John Mason Neale, quoted in Love’s Redeeming Word: The Anglican Quest for Holiness, compiled by Geoffrey Rowell, Kenneth Stevenson, and Rowan Williams (Oxford, 2001).

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