BBC interviews Mary Glasspool

LA’s suffragan bishop-elect Mary Glasspool tells Roger Bolton of BBC Radio 4’s “Sunday” program:

I don’t have the privilege of knowing the Archbishop of Canterbury. We do not have a personal relationship. Katharine Jefferts Schori … does have a relationship with [him], and I need to leave the working-out of all of that to them, and to their relationship.


You don’t get headlines in the press: “Terribly well-qualified priest is elected bishop,” or “Priest with administrative skills and a fabulous preacher and a joy-filled Christian is elected bishop.” What you get is a label that precludes many people seeing me for the whole person that I am.


I want to be seen as a servant of the servants of God. That is the framework in which I’ve placed my entire ministry … I want to serve God’s people, so that we, together, can serve the world.

(The item was last on this week’s program, and starts just before the 37-minute mark.)

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