Bernard Malango’s strong sense of justice

Archbishop Bernard Malango is one of the louder voices in the chorus calling for the Epsicopal Church to be expelled from the Anglican Communion. The Church Times in England has a good story today about Malango’s continued attempts to shield Bishop Nolbert Kuonga, ally of Robert Mugabee, and supporter of his brutality, from facing a church trial. An earlier story gives background for people who are new to the issue.

But the gist, as put forward by Stephen Bates in a recent column for the Church of England Newspaper, that is linked to earlier on the blog is as follows:

“The list of 38 charges against the good bishop, who is a crony of Robert Mugabe, brought against him by his own black parishioners, include little matters such as incitement to murder, intimidation, ignoring church law, mishandling funds and proselytising for Zanu PF from the pulpit. He has also occupied a farm and evicted 40 families from a local village. A couple of months ago he even licensed the acting vice-president of Zimbabwe Joseph Msika, a man on record as saying that whites are not human beings, to act as a deacon of the church.”

Nothing quite as henous as consecrating a gay man in a monogamous relationship to be a bishop after he had been elected by the people of his diocese, and confirmed by the General Convention. So his invitation to the next Lameth Conference is not in doubt. Unlike those of Gene Robinson and the bishops who participated in his consecration.

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