Better living through ascetism

Researchers in Greece have determined that there may be relationship between the monastic lifestyle and a decreased incidence of cancer. For 1,000 years, the monks of Mount Athos have maintained dietary and lifestyle habits that include a mediterranean diet and lots of produce, according to the research:

The dietary and lifestyle habits of monks on the all-male community in Mount Athos have shown that the regular consumption of olive oil, daily portions of fish, seasonal fruit and vegetables are among the main contributors towards keeping prostate cancer below international averages, data presented by urologist Haralambos Aidonopoulos showed.

“It is not just the Mediterranean diet that helps but generally a diet consisting of old, traditional standards,” said Aidonopoulos.

Aidonopoulos said he had examined hundreds of monks living on Mount Athos since 1994 and found that the incidence of prostate cancer was four times lower than the international average.

More about the study here.

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