Birmingham and Truro vote to reject Anglican Covenant

Updated: The Diocese of Truro has also voted against adopting the Covenant.

Thinking Anglicans is reporting that the Diocese of Birmingham has become the third English diocese to vote to reject the Anglican Covenant.

“According to our correspondent, the voting was:

Bishops 1 for. (Suffragan bishop absent).

Clergy 17 for, 17 against, 1 abstention.

Laity 12 for, 25 against, 1 abstention.”

From here.

This brings the total so far to 3 against and 2 in favor (according to this story posted on The Rev. Lesley Crawley’s blog.)

Looking back at the diocese which have rejected, the bishops have voted in favor, the clergy have been opposed or split their votes and the laity have been rather strongly opposed.

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