Bishop Andrus in and out of hospital

The Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, who recently had prostate surgery, reports that he was in and out of the hospital again this weekend:

During a 15-hour stay in the emergency department at UCSF it was determined that a blood clot had broken away from veins in my lower left calf and made its way into my lungs – I had an extensive pulmonary embolism, with one large clot in the pulmonary artery, and smaller ones branching out through the lungs. I was eventually admitted to the hospital, after being put on blood thinners, and was discharged on Sunday evening.

This surprising event means that my recovery has been extended a bit, but I’m still in fact recovering. I’m back under the careful, tremendously competent eye of my primary care physician who mercifully shows me no mercy, and have the best help possible in Sheila.

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+Marc also writes, “I took part in the blessing of Will and Matt’s marriage, a beautiful ceremony in the cathedral, and an honor in which to have a part.”

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