Bishop candidates in Chicago

The Chicago Tribune has bio capsules and information about regional appearances of the eight final candidates for bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago:

The slate of nominees reflects the changing face of the nation’s Episcopal church, with three women and two Africans among those running. Before this election, no woman had been nominated for Episcopal bishop of Chicago.

The slate also includes someone in a same-sex partnership. The article, which speculates on the odds for each candidate, notes that the candidate, the Rev. Tracey Lind, “has credentials, pedigree and a Midwestern advantage that matters. But because of her same-sex partner, her election would not be approved by the wider church.”

The finalists are:

  • The Rev. Alvin C. Johnson, Jr.
  • The Rev. Tracey Lind
  • The Rev. Timothy B. Safford
  • The Rev. Canon Robert K. Koomson
  • The Rev. Petero A.N. Sabune
  • The Rev. Margeret R. Rose
  • The Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee
  • The Rev. Jane S. Gould

For each candidate, in addition to odds, the article provides information on his or her family and current position, as well as quotes that reflect his or her call to ministry and perspectives on critical issues facing the church.

You can read the whole thing here.

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